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As a locksmith services providing company dealing into all sorts of locksmith services in area, we at State Locksmith Washington DC receive a lot of different type of service requests from our customers. However, if we try and look for the most commonly serviced request which we get, it has to be an emergency opening.

We have seen and carried out a host of emergency openings for our customers over these years, and that too in great turnaround times. We have often observed that most of these emergency lockouts occur because customers do not pay much heed to the quality of locks which they install in either their cars or their premises. This is why in the most uncomfortable of times; they are left locked out, and lurking in the search for a service provider which can effectively unlock the door for them.

What we have to offer?

State Locksmith Washington DC Washington, DC 202-558-0020Apart from carrying out emergency opening of locks of various types, we have a whole array of services which we provide for our customers. We can be contacted for replacing old locks, setting up master key control arrangements, maintenance and upkeep of existing locks, rekeying and making new keys, and a host of other services.

Door unlocking

The complex locks and security systems installed today need an in-depth knowledge of these to be unlocked in times of a crisis. Our locksmiths have always been up for the challenge, and have carried out numerous door unlocks.

Safe unlocking

Safes are common places where items of great value are stocked up for security, locked behind either electronic locks, or combination locks of various types. There are times when recollecting the correct combination which would open a safe might be tough, and this is where our emergency opening experts can step in to save the day for you. The best part about the approach is that we go about unlocking in such a way that there is no subsequent loss or damage to any other connected part or peripheral in any way.

Car trunk unlock

If you have to stock in some stuff in your car, the trunk or the boot is the obvious place to do it and secure it with locks. However, these locks can also get jammed at times, which is when we can assist with unlocking these.

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